About The Project

While working at World of Dance, I had the chance to assist with the opening of the first dance studio in Tokyo, Japan. Because I am bilingual in Japanese, I attended meetings with Matthew Everitt, the CEO of World of Dance, and Tadashi Kagiya, the partner for World of Dance Japan, where they discussed studio layouts, costs, and timelines. As an intern, I researched and created presentations about Japanese dance instructors to learn more about the Japanese dance business.

I grew up going to World of Dance events, so being able to help them create their first dance facility in Japan, where my family is from, was a full circle experience for me. The studio was launched on July 12, 2021, but if you are interested in reading more about the flagship studio, click the link below!

World of dance Japan

Aside from assisting in the creation of a dance studio, I was able to aid in the creation of a World of Dance Alumni page on LinkedIn to allow former interns, dancers, and staff stay in touch. The LinkedIn page was developed to provide everyone with the opportunity to be the first to hear about employment vacancies in the entertainment business. Although the page is exclusively accessible to members, I'll post a link here for anyone who wants to check it out!

World of dance Alumni Linkedin